Random shenanigans [week 49]

Without further ado, below some random shenanigans:

First, The best thing I have read, as I watched gross men fall like dominos:

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 10.00.15 PM.png

And regarding how I feel about Louis CK being among said gross men, I have nothing to add to what Sarah Silverman shared:

Also, I’m coming back at you with a great newsletter recommendation: It’s called The hustle, and it’s great. Since I started to receive the hustle, I found a new joy in reading my emails. I don’t like their “read us and you’ll sound smart in parties” pitch, but it happens to be true. I am forever grateful for whoever made it. Especially, the Friday email which includes an eclectic selection of shower thoughts:

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 9.35.08 PM

(Here’s the link to sign up: http://ambassadors.thehustle.co/?ref=5965465ee1)

I started a tumblr, 10 years too late. I dont know why. I just did. I was like “I want to post beautiful things, not on Pinterest”. So I made a tumblr. And I was quickly confronted with the sheer amount of porn that’s on it…It’s staggering. But I digress.

I tweeted this already but my god. it’s too good:

Dushka Zapata‘s answer to What specifically is it about social interaction that depletes an introvert’s energy?

There is nothing nicer than reading someone who has the skill to capture exactly how you feel. And Dushka has so much skill, I am blessed to have found her.

Speaking of twitter, one of my friends tweeted a link to a beautiful collection of poems. My favorite excerpt is this:

So for now hasta luego compadres and don’t worry too much about the bucket of murmuring shit that is the unitedstatesian night.

Since I finished Infinte Jest (which, goodreads tells me I spent 9 months reading), my obsession with David foster Wallace has been…unhealthy. I read “A supposedly fun thing i’lll never do again” (all of the essays) and obviously the one about television and irony was ….transformative. So I’m just going to leave a link to it here: https://jsomers.net/DFW_TV.pdf

Speaking of books, I’ve been reading a lot lately. Just to clarify, by “a lot”, I just mean “in the metro for 30 minutes, every day”. So if anyone has recommendations of cool books, please do share.

This video will probably make you laugh and then it will make you cry.

Then there’s this:

A video of people in the subway enjoying Bodak yellow, which i will admit is pretty freaking great, (the song not the video) went “viral”.

It was such an uncomfortable thing to watch: Some people were dancing in the beginning. But quickly the pavlovian reflex to “get the phone and film” kicked in and soon enough no one was dancing and everyone was recording. I suppose that’s how the world will end. People will start something nice, stop what they’re doing to film it and keep looking at each other through their screens and wonder what happened.

Equally as disturbing to watch is youtube’s attempt at a universal video for 2017:

The Abyss of self reference that is this video, leaves me SHOOKETH.

On a completely different note: this exists.

 I just thought you should know.

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