Ruby Sparks

In my opinion, bad films are the ones that mislead you and raise your expectations only to deceive you before the credits roll.

By these standards, Ruby Sparks must be the worst film of all time.

I didn’t see the trailer before watching the film. I didn’t even hear of it. Actually never saw the actors in anything else. Wait. No I did. Saw Paul Dano in There Will Be Blood, and in Prisoners, but those are very very different roles.

In any case, I took a leap of faith when I saw that on Rotten tomatoes the critics score was higher than the audience score, which for me is always a good sign. I’m a hipster like that.

I thought, you know what, I could use a little indie action with just the right amount of romcom.

As I watched, I thought it was funny and predictable in a comforting way. But around the end of the second act (when he opened that drawer and started changing Ruby with every line), I was hooked. I thought it was a great movie. It was haunting. At first, I thought the editing was doing most of the work but a closer look at the guy’s eyes and all I saw was despair. Great Acting really.

So far the movie is pretty good.

Not only is the acting good, but the movie as a whole is an accurate metaphor for how relationships work: The fact that we totally project on our significant other someone they are not, the fact that we try to change them, the fact that we try to find a balance between clingy and indifferent, joyful and blue. The fact that we are too busy wanting them to be the One rather than figuring out who they are.


Who can say it better than DD?

But in less than one minute. All of this went to shit.

Because of some shit storm of poor writing and an off the top happy unrealistic ending.

The last minute of the movie literally flushed the whole thing down the drain. Why the fuck would you forcefully add a happy ending to an effortless transformative realistic ending? And even if you wanted a happy ending. Why would you make the girl Ruby? It could be any girl. She obviously has a different name, she might as well have a different body. I think it would have at least saved the movie from whatever fairy tale ending I’m hoping the studio imposed and isn’t the writers’ fault.


PS: Strangely, the one thing that I keep going back to is the chair or the throne his step”dad” gave him. I’m really not sure what it means. Is it about being more spontaneous and easy going? Should he be more “organic”? Or does it mean that he should take a seat and stop being a control freak… It could also mean that he should keep things even if he doesn’t like them.  If you know let me know in the comments.

Also did I mention that the 2 lead actors are married irl. Like wtf Paul Dano is 32!


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