Random shenanigans: Week 35

Since I am on vacation, this is not technically “procrastination”.  But I am a pro. 3 months after the end of school (4eva) is not enough to make me loose my skills. Here’s what I found in the depths of the internet:

For some reason, I keep re-visiting this article I read back in college. It’s probably the best reading of my life. I can’t recommend it enough.

There is also this short essay by Orwell, that resonates quite well with the current political situation in the US. Bare in mind that this was published 72 years ago. On the one hand, it’s lovely to see a timeless piece, but isn’t it sad that humanity hasn’t changed much in 3/4 of a century, and that we are still asking the same questions.

In the same vane, something political like this video is probably a nice way to remember Bernie.

As far as music goes, there is this track that I find absolutely hilarious:

I’ve also been into Swedish music lately…Go figure. This is my favorite song:

Something about not being able to understand the lyrics is so liberating.

Still in the weird music section. This is pretty cool:

There is also this amazing piece on Mr Robot.

I started using this website called Letterboxd. It’s some kind of a film diary. It allows  you to keep track of what movie you saw and when. You can also leave little comments for when you have dementia. It’s pretty great. But the name is shitty. It looks like a typo and it doesn’t seem to mean anything. I’ve been using the website for a week now and I still don’t remember its name. I just google “movie diary ” and it pops up.

In any case, if you do use it, follow me on 2ranma75 and don’t judge the movies I’ve been watching lately.

Since I graduated, I’ve been feeling pretty nostalgic especially now that it’s back to school season. So I looked up a bunch of graduation speeches and this one is just WAW. Everyone needs to hear this. I don’t care if you’re in kindergraden. You need to hear this.

Really random:




  1. HEYO! Letterboxd! It’s the best. I need/want it to spread like wildfire and I’ve been trying to get all my friends to use it (with very little luck though…). Add me? https://letterboxd.com/ffsanton/
    Also YES, that DFW graduation speech is great. I’ve been on sort of a binge lately. I’ve watched The End of the Tour a couple of weeks ago, started reading Infinite Jest, bought his collection of essays (A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again), and have been watching interviews left and right all day every day.


    1. Dude mee too! I haven’t bought anything yet. but I’ve been reading guides online on how to read infinite Jest.
      I’m a sucker for anything post modern, but I have been avoiding DFW for too long now. I don’t know if I am well equipped to be on his level. You know what I mean? He’s such a legend. And I I don’t want to ruin it by reading him and not understanding anything.


      1. I think the most “difficult” thing about the book is its length. I’m only like 10% in, so there still could be a sudden shift in tone and style, but so far I’m not finding it difficult or complicated. I think if you get past the chapter with questionable spelling (you’ll know what I mean when you get to it), then you can get through the rest of the book. I’ll get back to you once I’m done reading the book (in a year?) or write a lengthy blog post about it. 🙂

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