Rant of the day: Tunisian Youtubers

All year long, whenever I get homesick, I find that watching Tunisian Youtube videos is a good way to connect with the motherland.

But not long ago, I started noticing an interesting trend:
The gals seem to focus solely on make-up and fashion while the guys are more on the funny side of things.

And that is just a SHAME.

Why? you ask. Well, because the traditionally english speaking vloggers have a different social construct: There is a stigma in the US and other countries of the world that women are not funny. Female comedians struggle for years to have little to no recognition compared with their male counterparts. Suffice to say that no woman has ever hosted a late night show and that the first one to perform in the white house correspondents’ dinner did so in 2015.(watch her here)

Therefore, it makes a bit more sense to see less female comedians in Youtube. I can only name Miranda Sings and Glozell off the top of my head. (although, I am pretty sure “gross” and “disgusting” are better categories to describe her than “humor”)

In Tunisia however, this construct and stigma that women are not funny simply does not exist (at least, not that I know of). Humor is not exclusively masculine. It seems to me that when a woman steps on the stage, no one will judge her for being a female comedian and directly assume that she is not that good until she proves otherwise.

The danger is that with the nonexistence of female Tunisian comedian Youtubers, this social construct might continue to grow and that is just not ok.

Can’t we at least keep the one thing that makes us a bit less sexist than the rest of the world?


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