About me

Hello Internet.

Welcome to the Dong.

My name is Rahma and I never thought I would blog in my life. It didn’t seem like my thing. But since I became a Quora member (in May 2012), I have realized the difference it makes to express my thoughts clearly in writing. I found that taking the time to sort my ideas in an intelligible manner makes it so much clearer in my head.

This blog pretty much serves that purpose. I share on it most of what I am interested in at the moment. I love movies, TV shows, and music so I write a couple of posts on that.

But I also want to share some of my experiences having studied in the US and help out those who are interested in doing the same.

The most “consistent” post is probably Random Shenanigans where I share some random stuff I enjoyed lately.

As for the title, it’s from this funky song, my suitemates in college showed me.

Until next time

Have an A1 day



      1. Hey, sorry about the late reply I hardly ever use wordpress. I interviewed Hamed over the phone a long time ago. I think my article falls into a lot of the tropes Hamed refers to in the article you posted and I would cover them much differently these days. Anyway I’m a fan of your blog, keep up the good work. Would love to get a coffee if you’re ever in NY


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